So, what exactly is an in-home session?

I know. Inviting a stranger into your home is weird (especially in a post-COVID world). And to make it weirder... she's gonna take pictures? But trust me, it's not as bad as it seems. In fact, you might even love it.

In-home sessions are not for everyone.

If you're considering an in-home sessions here's what you need to know...


  • You don't have to go anywhere
  • You don't have to worry about weather
  • Pets are ALWAYS welcome – no need to find a pet friendly space
  • Your home is a safe space
  • You can easily highlight that things that you love most
  • Chaos is candid – it doesn't get more real than playing in the yard with the dogs or brewing your morning cup of coffee together


  • You have to accept a certain level of vulnerability
  • You might feel tempted to make everything perfect (tip: perfect is for magazines, not real lived-in life)
  • The lighting might not be perfect – your photographer has to be ready for any situation ;)
  • The photos might not be as "shareable" with family + friends

Here's just a glimpse into what an in-home session can be...